Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and nurture relationships with individuals, families, churches and other organizations to help transform lives, homes, neighborhoods, cities and the world in which we live for Christ.  

Our Mission

Our primary purpose is serving others, making disciples of Jesus Christ and assisting individuals of all ages to develop a personal relationship with God. 

Our Culture

Our culture and values are what's important to us, what defines our church experience and all that we do as a church family and how treat one another within the church and outside the church walls. 


To love one another unconditionally as God loves us

To value each person’s uniqueness and the gifts God has given them

To nurture Christian maturity and seek to foster personal spiritual growth

To worship and celebrate God for whohe is, what he has done and promises to do


To encourage, equip and edify the believers

To assemble and fellowship with other saints

To teach individuals and families how to carry out Gods Kingdom agenda

To actively care for and as much as possible, seek to be at peace with all men


To become faithful witnesses for Christ

To help fulfill Christ’s “Great Commission” in this generation

Cultivate spiritual Growth and Maturity through teaching and discipleship