What is The Next Steps?

Our Next Steps program is a 4-step process designed to help you take next steps to grow in your faith and become a devoted and mature believer. From start to finish we are committed to taking this journey and process of maturing with you step-by-step.

So your growth path is to Attend, then Worship, then Grow and finally Serve. At the end of this process we are confident you will have discovered your purpose and place on earth and grown in your faith and relationship with Christ. 

First step is to attend our weekly Discipleship class. Here you will have the opportunity to grow in the fundamentals of your faith and understand the vision and mission of Church Without Walls.  

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Next step is to attend our weekly Worship Service. Fellowship with other believers, grow in the word and gain encouragement for the week ahead.   

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The next step is to Grow.  This is the step where you get connected with others through our small group ministries.   grow in your faith together though love, fellowship and  accountability.   

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Last step is to Serve. this is where we exercise our faith through good works and serving others. At CWWOM we have plenty of outreach efforts that allow us to serve those within our community, city and state and country.  You'll be ale to serve in one of the many outreach ministries, whether Worship Ministry, Homeless Outreach or Prison Outreach.  

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Got Questions?

We would love to hear from you with any questions you might have about the Next Steps process or about times and locations.  We are excited to join you on the greatest decision you'll ever make, to grow and enhance your relationship with your creator and savior and the discovery of your God given purpose on earth.